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Customized tuning is an investment that pays off quickly. While upfront costs are higher, your Cummins engine will run smoother and more efficiently.

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Custom MAN® Tunes Created by Mario Monette

Owner & Head Programmer

Mario High Performance Diesel

One of the leading custom programmers in the world, Mario Monette is the lead programmer and owner of MHPD Inc. For over 20 years, Mario has been building and programming diesel trucks. The proof of his expertise is in his 1988 Peterbilt 379 drag racing diesel semi which holds the world record 120.35mph.
Most shops buy and resell generic tunes from programming companies. With Mario High Performance Diesel, you get customized tunes from the programmers themselves.

Your MAN® engine like you've never felt it before.
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Customer Reviews

Colin H

5 Star Review

The most professional operation I have dealt with. Mario has repaired a number of tunes by others who aren't as experienced. Mario brings to the table both professionalism and accountability. Will your tuner give you warranty?

Bearded Express

5 Star Review

Simple! MHPD is the best when it comes to diesel engines! He knows his stuff completely. Had engine problems and I brought it to Mario. He told me everything that was wrong, why it was wrong and he fixed it. After, I got higher MPG and more HP from my engine with Mario's tune! I WILL NEVER GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GET ENGINE OR TUNING WORK DONE! HE'S THE BEST! SIMPLE AS THIS!

J Froese

5 Star Review

MHPD's tunes are customized to each truck and not just a blanket tune like all of the competitors. The customer service and support is unmatched. At the end of it all, the truck makes more power, uses less fuel! Would highly recommend MHPD to anyone considering a delete.

Sebastian Voswinkel

5 Star Review

Mario and his team are very professional and great to deal with. I look forward to dealing with them for many more years. Keep up the great work!!!

Benefits of Custom Tuning for MAN® Engines

On average, custom ECM tuning saves our customers $5,000 per year.

The long-term benefits of custom tuning do more than just make your vehicle run more efficiently.

It also lowers long-term costs by ensuring your engine components don't take on more stress than necessary to produce maximum outputs.

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ECM Tuning Process for MAN® Engines

Step 1 - We'll help get you connected to your ECM

There are many options for connecting to your ECM: remote tuning, shipping your ECM, bringing your truck in to the shop, and a few others. Whatever works best for you, we will provide you with all the tools and instructions necessary.

Step 2 - We tune and dial in your engine

Either through TeamViewer or in-person, we'll flash your truck and run it with our optimized software. We'll run tests and program further customizations so that the tune is optimized specifically for your truck.

Step 3 - We provide warranty & support

You get more power, more torque, and better fuel efficiency. Basically, we make sure your engine is optimized to perfor, to its maximum capacity while extending its overall life. If any issues come up down the road, we'll provide warranty and ongoing customer service.

Mario High Performance Diesel

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You work hard for your money. We get it. That's why we provide ongoing customer support for all of our tunes. Use the calculator below to see how much you could save with a tune from Mario High Performance Diesel.
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Why Mario High Performance Diesel

Real programmers write and create custom tunes

Battle-tested reliability

MHPD tunes operate with unparalleled uptime and help your engine last longer by mapping to spec and staying within your engine's limits. Last longer, tow stronger with an MHPD custom tune.

Cutting-edge optimization

Individual, custom decoding for every tune — no program-merging, swap-overs, or cheap auto calibrations. Mario and his team attend global conferences to stay on top of the latest industry shifts.

Minimal downtime

We schedule jobs to ensure minimal downtime for your truck. Whether remote or in-shop, we'll ensure that your truck is tuned exactly how to you want it with most turnarounds times within same-day service.

Top-notch customer support

Available toll-free daily, MHPD customer service ensures all customers receive follow-up support when they need it. Bring us questions about previous defective programming. We're here to help.