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Partnering with Mario High Performance Diesel means more than the average shop. While your customers will receive above-industry-standard tuning and performance optimizations, our dealers receive discounted pricing and personalized support and mentorship.
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Why partner with Mario High Performance Diesel?

Receive referrals

As one of the biggest dealers around, we receive calls every day from all over the United States and Canada. By joining as a dealer, you'll receive referrals when customers from your area reach out to us.

Volume Discounts

You'll receive discounts on tunes that don't go to the average Joe. This allows you to mark up products, manage a comfortable profit margin, and keep your business booming!

Cutting-Edge Support

Give your customers better fuel mileage and power upgrades all with the help of the MHPD team. Adjust parameter settings such as max speed limit and tire sizes while performing diagnostics to ensure everything is working perfectly.

What our partners are saying about Mario High Performance Diesel

"MHPD's tunes are customized to each truck and not just a blanket tune like all of the competitors."
J Froese
"Our company will never go somewhere else to get engine or tuning work done!"
Montana Diesel Shop

How we partner with your shop

1. Introduction phone call or email

Tell us about your shop, your customers, and your overall needs. We'll bring you up to speed on Mario High Performance Diesel's custom tunes and give you some insight into the latest and greatest in the industry for you to pass along to your customers.

2. Specialized tools setup

As a dealer, you'll have access to our customized library of tunes programmed by Mario Monette and his team. With your new laptop, Nexiq USB Link 2, OB2 cables, and more, you'll be set to start tuning as soon as the laptop arrives.

3. Start selling!

Your first few tunes might be a learning curve — don't worry. We'll be here to help. We'll walk you through any issues and provide support at no additional cost.

Financial projections

Each shop has their own unique situation. That's why we've taken the average of all our dealer's annual tuning finances and broken them down. This can help you to understand what to expect financially when becoming a Mario High Performance Diesel dealer.

  • 60 tunes per year
  • $5,000 average tune cost (no dealer status)
  • $3,500 average tune cost (with dealer status)
  • $6,000 startup cost (varies by dealer)
Avg. First Year Profit

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There's no better time than right now to start saving money. We're here to answer your questions.