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Fuel Economy Tuning

What is Fuel Economy tuning?

The short answer: Fuel Economy tuning makes your engine more burn more efficiently and saves fuel and money.

The longer answer: Your engine's system is controlled by an ECM (electronic control module) that likely isn't optimized for your specific uses. The stock tune on your truck is general and by default fits most general use cases. However, that rarely means it's performing optimally for you when towing heavy loads on the flats vs the mountains. By editing the software, MHPD can give your diesel truck more efficient fuel consumption. These optimizations make your engine runner cleaner and more smoothly by perfecting the combustion process and outputting cleaner exhaust, giving you a longer overall engine lifespan. With our tunes, you can reduce annual maintenance cost and save enough on fuel to pay back tuning costs within the first year.

Why choose Mario High Performance Diesel?

Mario Monette is the lead programmer and owner of MHPD Inc. For over 20 years, Mario has been building and programming diesel trucks. The proof of his expertise is in his 1988 Peterbilt 379 drag racing diesel semi which holds the world record 120.35mph.

Fully Customized Tunes

Most shops buy and resell generic tunes from programming companies. With Mario High Performance Diesel, you get customized tunes from the programmers themselves. This means that the tune you purchase will be adjusted and programmed to fit your specific diesel trucks needs. With full remote support over TeamViewer, Mario and his team will work with. you through the process to ensure your truck ends up stronger and lasting longer.

Lifetime Warranty

As a trusted member of the diesel community, Mario High Performance Diesel ensures that your investment is protected with a lifetime warranty on all tunes.

Mario High Performance Diesel

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