About MHPD

One of the leading custom programmers in the world, Mario is the head Engineer-Programmer and owner of MHPD Inc. Mario and his team collect data from vehicles internationally using proprietary equipment created by Mario himself. MHPD then utilizes that data to create custom tunings that make engines soar.

Industry Leading Diesel Engine Expert

MHPD began in 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta. However, the story doesn’t start there. From an early age, Mario displayed his love for toy trucks and diecasts. As a teenager, he continued to pursue his passion by rebuilding trucks and attending car races.

Tuning would take Mario all over the world. While traveling, he gained valuable experience, exceptional knowledge, and extensive training. This in turn established Mario as one of the top custom tuners in the world. Following many years of travel, Mario was motivated by his love of racing to build “The Beast,” a Semi Hot-Rod racing truck – which Mario considers his greatest achievement – and earned the unbeaten world speed record for the NHRDA Semi Hot Rod Class at 120.35 mph.

VIP Dealer and Exclusive Distributor

Mario High Performance Diesel is now the VIP Dealer of FASS Fuel Systems and your Exclusive Distributor for Max Mileage™

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems
Pittsburgh Power
Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst

“The Beast”

“The Beast” paved the way for Mario and MHPD to build a first-class reputation in North America. Mario has continued to advance the industry of Diesel Engine tuning by collaborating with top business achievers in the USA and Canada, while surrounding himself with an A-team of exceptional talent that brings MHPD closer to their goal.

See what a world-record breaking 4000hp CAT-powered 1988 Peterbilt 379, that’s been built with recycled Caterpillar parts, is capable of.

“My ultimate goal is to ensure that every engine my team touches runs perfectly”

– Mario Monette