Diesel Engine Tuning Services

Proudly Alberta-based, offering tuning services across Canada, the USA and beyond.

Diesel Engine Tuning Services

Leaders in the Diesel Performance Industry

The experts at MHPD are leaders in the diesel performance industry. We deliver the latest innovations and extensive industry knowledge to increase your engine efficiency in a timely and professional manner.

ECM Tuning Process

Bring your ECM to our shop, or one of our dealers.
You can deliver your ECM in-person, or via courier. We accept shipping from anywhere in the world.

We reprogram your truck and provide optimized software through remote connection or in-person.
If done remotely, we provide support through each step.
MHPD will deliver an expertly tuned engine with a quick turnaround. This is Typicaly, within one business day, to ensure minimal down time.
When completed, your engine will have increased power, a superior response time, reduced fuel consumption, and an extended life span.
Receive the support you need.
MHPD is available toll-free every day, providing you with the follow-up support you need.
Peterbilt Class 8 Commercial Truck

What Does it Mean to Tune an Engine?

Solutions for your EGR-DPF-UREA systems

Your engine is controlled by an ECM (electronic control module) This module determines how much fuel to push, when to fire, and several other vital aspects of the engine’s performance. Three of those mechanisms include the (exhaust gas recirculation) EGR, (diesel particulate filter ) DPF, and UREA systems. These systems are in place to minimize the environmental impact from soot, exhaust fumes, and other pollutants. The upkeep and maintenance of these systems Can lead to major downtime and large overhead maintenance costs.

MHPD provides solution to your ECM using custom tuning solutions, in-turn delivering a smooth and efficient performance by optimizing the combustion process and producing cleaner exhaust with less particulates. The result is an engine with more power, quicker response time, reduced fuel consumption, and a prolonged engine lifespan.

Select Your Service

Commercial fleets, on- or off-highway, industrial, or agricultural – we are the industry leaders in bringing your engine to the next level.

High-Performance Tune

While each truck is unique, the base performance guidelines are very similar.

High-performance tuning can deliver an additional 5% – 30% Horsepower.

Fuel-Economy Tune

Go the distance.

Save fuel and money with tuning that optimizes your engine to burn fuel more efficiently.

Custom Tune

Your engine, your rules.

Fully customized tuning options that increase performance, power, and fuel economy to fit your needs.

Fleet Diesel Engine Tuning

Less maintenance means less downtime! Keep your fleet moving with MHDP.

Detroit Diesel
International Maxxforce
Mercedes Benz

Agriculture Diesel Engine Tuning

Fine-tune the engines that grow your crop. Over time, farm vehicles face considerable challenges. These may include inclement weather, tough soil, mud, low fuel quality, and other unexpected demands. Ensuring your engines are at their peak performance is vital for when you need them the most.

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Industrial Diesel Engine Tuning

This service is intended solely for off-highway driving and cannot be performed on vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your federal, provincial, and local laws before purchasing.

Larger jobs require greater resources. Give your heavy industrial equipment the power it needs to dig, mine, and load everything your site requires.

Detroit Diesel
International Maxxforce
Mercedes Benz

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Why Choose MHPD?

Fully Custom Tunes with Lifetime Warranty
Most shops buy and sell pre-built tunings. MHPD develops custom tunings in-house, working directly with the programmers themselves. Every tune is designed to fit your specific diesel engine’s needs.

As a trusted member of the diesel community, MHPD ensures that your investment is protected with a lifetime warranty on all tunings.